Posted by: pbrander | October 9, 2009

I’m Better Now

In the last blog I was feeling kind of down.  Since then I’ve found a place to rent, where my dogs, cat and horses can roam and I’ve had outpatient surgery.

Let me tell you, never have surgery and move, those two events are totally incompatible.  Last week, I spent packing and moving boxes, on the weekend, with help, we moved most of our stuff, do you know how much stuff you collect when you’re in a place for 20 years?  LOTS!!  Anyway, Monday I had surgery and now all I can do is sit and look at unpacked boxes.  Monday, I go back to the doctor and get my staples out, I’ll be fine unless I run across a giant magnet (I told a funny).  Gotta have a sense of humor.

Things are looking up and I won’t be living out of boxes forever, I will eventually have a place for everything and everything in a place.  As soon as I’m settled (and recovered from the surgery), I’ll be start getting things ready for the horses to move into their new home.  And now that I have my internet back, I can start working on my business again.


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